VOICE – Developing citizens

Paths to core competencies through a problem-based learning project in civic education
VOICE was a multilateral Comenius project, started in January 2011 and accomplished in December 2012. Educational experts and practitioners of different institutions from Austria, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia and Turkey collaborated in order to contribute to improving educational practice in civic education.

VOICE LogoThe overall objective of the VOICE project was to promote young people’s key competences for lifelong learning and active citizenship through innovative school materials.

To achieve this, educational materials were developed addressing both groups, students and teachers:

The teaching/learning materials for secondary school students are oriented towards the learner-centred method of problem-based learning (PBL), to be implemented in lessons of citizenship education and related social science subjects. Through the mixture of self-directed learning processes and group work this kind of method contributes to the development of transversal key competences like working collaboratively, learning independently and finding creative solutions for complex issues. The PBL modules cover the topics Democracy, Europe, Human Rights as well as Migration and, furthermore, explicitly address students’ key competences like learning-to-learn skills, or social and civic competences.

In addition to this, training materials for teachers were developed, focussing on necessary background knowledge and skills that equip teachers to confidently implement competence-oriented lessons, like PBL, in their classroom.

Final product was a Teachers’ Manual containing all educational materials developed during the course of the project.

Website: www.voice-comenius.org
Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany)
Institute of Political Science
AGORA Civic Education
Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange
Contact: Ms Zita Beutler
Email: z.beutler@ipw.uni-hannover.de

Funding programme: LLP-Comenius