VIT – Very Important Twinning, Volunteering In Town

The project VIT promoted volunteering and democracy through town-twinning relations in an enlarged Europe. It tackled the issue from a participative perspective by linking volunteering as a methodology and democratic governance as an objective.

VIT aimed to create a ALDA - Logo VITplatform of different stakeholders (local authorities, associations of local authorities and civil society organizations) for debate, action and reflection on the topics of concern by linking them to the revitalization of existing town-twinning relations or by setting up new twinning relations.

VIT’s general objectives are the following:

  • to develop long-lasting cooperation between European municipalities;
  • to foster citizen participation and interaction withlocal and European Union institutions;
  • Raise awareness on European Union common values with a special focus on volunteering, active ageing and solidarity between generations and citizens as topics of European Year 2011, 2012 and 2013;
  • to involve citizens in the European Union decision-making process;
  • to facilitate exchanges between citizens and contribute to intercultural dialogue.

The activities foreseen  by the project were spread over three years (July 2011 to June 2013) and were structured as follows:

  • 18 workshops at local level in the participating towns, which will last two days, involve international and local participants and address volunteering, active ageeing and solidarity between generations and governance at local level.
  • Three international conferences, providing opportunities to exchange experiences and develop networking and cooperation in the addressed fields.
  • A methodological handbook collecting partners’ experiences and recommendations and a DVD explaining the steps creating a network, the benefits of twinning and the opportunity for citizens to actively participate to the development.
  • The last international conference will take place on 18th April in Pula, Croatia and will put an emphasis on Croatia’s accession to the European Union on 1st July 2013.

Coordinator: Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA (France)
Contact: Ms Biljana Zasova

Funding programme: Europe for Citizens