PERL 2 – Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living

To deal with the challenges of increased financial instability, social unrest, life-style related illnesses and environmental degradation sustainable, responsible lifestyles are necessary. These are enabled by efficient infrastructure and individual actions. Both require rethinking how we organize our daily life, socialize, share and educate.

PERL logo croppedThe Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) recognizes the pressing need for value-based, interdisciplinary, holistic and practical education for sustainable living in order to stimulate responsible living. PERL2 seeks to further develop the transfer of knowledge to provide adequate, relevant information flow; to strengthen individual awareness and the ability to deal critically with information; to help develop new skills for sustainable living; to stimulate the social learning process and build capacity amongst teachers; to contribute to the public and scientific discourse on responsible living; and to cultivate multi-stakeholder alliances which promote active involvement.

These objectives require bridging the knowledge/action gap, which PERL2 seeks to do by applying values-based indicators in schools. Through extending its student essay-, video- and photo contests for use in teaching, PERL2 seeks to stimulate informed choice. PERL2 will draw on the experience of its partners to map changes in attitudes and behavior; facilitate curriculum development; and build capacity in teacher training.

PERL2 will adapt and distribute its active learning toolkits and create additional ones; test methods such as “backcasting and scenarios” in schools; involve youth in roundtable discussions about social responsibility; and spread information via the social media. PERL2 will report on innovative initiatives and hold and participate in research conferences and in Rio2012 Summit follow-up activities. PERL2 will help Hedmark University College establish an international center for education and research about responsible living. By cooperating with relevant projects and further developing PERL regional networks PERL2 seeks to continue to contribute to the U.N. Decade for Education for Sustainable Development.

Coordinator: Hedmark University College (Norway)
Contact: Ms Victoria W. Thoresen
Email: or

Funding programme: LLP-Erasmus Network