P.IN.O.K.I.O – Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social inclusion

The project “P.IN.O.K.I.O.” is a Lifelong Learning Comenius Multilateral funded project which aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and creativity against social  exclusion , using fairy tale characters as a means of communication with pre- and primary school children, migrant children and their parents.

Pinokio DEF QuadriThe project’s own innovative cline comprises the integration of literature or children’s stories from different cultures, school environments and pupils’/participants’ diverse family backgrounds, children’s creativity, as well as web 2.0 tools in order to create a methodology for teachers in nursery schools or primary schools.

The project methodological strategy builds on Children’s literature which is essential for children personal, emotional and intellectual development and understanding of society and citizenship. A selection of narrations and characters for educational activities with children and their families was carried out to foster intercultural attitudes in pupils, as well as in teachers and families and promote social inclusion in the class and in the local communities

The classical characters of children literature have been selected as they play a central role in the society’s culture and because they are encoded with behaviour that connects different social classes, cultural groups and generations. Consequently they provide an excellent opportunity for the development of an inter-culture discourse.  The implementation of the project involved teachers, hundreds of pupils, as well as many pupils’ migrant or non-migrant families, along with experts in different issues having cooperated with the schools in a European dimension

Project outcomes:

  • Glossary available as open resource
  • List of Children Stories Characters
  • Educational programme
  • Teachers‘ Training Package
  • Guidelines

Website: http://www.pinokioproject.eu/
Coordinator: Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi (Italy)
Contact: Ms Cinzia Laurelli
Email: cinzialaurelli@gmail.com

Funding programme: LLP-Comenius