OC – Open Citizenship

The journal Open Citizenship is a resource for and by people concerned with citizenship, migration and political participation in the European Union. Published twice each year and distributed by way of libraries, conferences, NGOs as well as our professional network, Open Citizenship is a hybrid journal that combines scholarly work with commentary and information valuable to civil society actors, academics and decision-makers.

Created in 2010, OpeCFEn Citizenship is a project of Citizens For Europe, a non-profit association based in Berlin that seeks to foster the development of an inclusive and participatory European Union. The journal seeks to realize this vision by providing useful information, evidence and advice for civil society actors, academics and decision-makers who also support participatory democracy in the EU. In addition, Citizens For Europe benefits from the knowledge published in the journal by gaining contacts to important actors, disseminating results of its projects and improving exchange between target groups to spur social change.

The journal is organised to facilitate cross-pollination between different actor groups throughout Europe, which is why we publish in English. We have created sections to stimulate and inspire dialogue. In this sense, Open Citizenship is not a traditional journal. We seek not just to share information, but to effect political and social change. We want to bring together different voices. We welcome contributions from all stakeholders, especially young people and voices from disadvantaged groups often excluded from the debate. We aim to provide content that is high quality, accessible to our audience and important to current debates.

The journal is a platform to realise our vision for Europe, one that includes cosmopolitan citizenship and full political participation in the European Union. We are transparent about this and feel it is a noble agenda. Our journal seeks to foster democracy, justice and inclusion.

Website: http://opencitizenship.eu
Coordinator: Citizens For Europe e.V. (Germany)
Contact: Ms Lisa Pettibone
Email: pettibone@citizensforeurope.org

Funding programme: Youth in Action