HATTRICK: Football-Learning-Integration

Playing football in a team offers various opportunities of developing transversal competences – independent from cultural background. The football pitch is one social location where integration can be successful in many cases. The activities of the project “Hattrick: Football-Learning-Integration” built on this setting.

HattrickLogoFarbeIt is one of the main concerns within the EU to improve the integration of people with a migration background in educational systems, the labour market and society at large. Young male migrants in particular are at risk of becoming early school leavers and/or unemployed. As a result these young people are often at risk of social exclusion.

Hattrick followed a strategy to use the potential which young migrant footballers display on the football pitch for (re-)entering education and vocational training and thus improving their social integration. In the Hattrick training activities transversal competences (like motivation, teamwork, goal attainment, etc.), which are also key competences for a successful educational and professional career, were identified and developed.

Hattrick developed an innovative training approach by opening an informal pathway to education: Football clubs were explored as possible new places of learning.

The main target groups of the Hattrick project were:

  • Young male migrants/young male adults, socio-economically disadvantaged with a low level of education or at risk of exclusion, aged between 15 and 25 years and involved in a football club
  • Football coaches working with this target group

For these both target groups Hattrick developed training activities:
A design and a toolkit for Hattrick FootbaLLL (Football and Lifelong Learning =FootbaLLL) Workshops as well as the development for a Coach Course design and training material for this coach course.

Both trainings were piloted in the 7 partner countries, results of the piloting and recommendations for the further work with Hattrick were summarized in a Good Practice Brochure.

Website: www.hattrick-project.eu
Coordinator: die Berater (Austria)
Contact: Ms Maren Satke
Email: m.satke@dieberater.com

Funding programme: LLP-Grundtvig