GOAL – Granting Opportunities for Active Learning

The project GOAL aims at promoting citizens participation in the construction of a tighter-knit, democratic, world-oriented and united Europe, tackling the challenge of IMMIGRATION as an “opportunity” to develop active citizenship and sense of ownership of the EU, whilst enhancing tolerance, solidarity and mutual understanding.

GOAL LogoThe project presents a set of activities that grants citizens the chance to interact – both at the local and at the European level – and offers them the occasion to “work” together towards a common aim.

GOAL specific aim is to further improve the methodology of “citizens’ panels” adding the “component” of immigration. It represents an unbiased platform where citizens and other stakeholders gather information, debate, collect individual and collective opinions, formulate their views (duly guided and supported) and draft them in the form of recommendations for policy makers at the European level in the field of “immigration”.

The ACTION foresees 9 steps, having an impact both at the local and at the European level. Following the partnership building phase and the selection of the theme, the process was planned as follows:
1. Training for citizens’ panels activators
2. Set-up of local citizens’ panels
3. Local workshops
4. International meeting of citizens’ panels
5. Open days at the local level
6. Production phase
7. International final workshop
8. Final publication
9. Evaluation and follow-up

Brochures aimed at raising awareness of the role of citizens in the EU migration and participation policies were produced in 1500 copies. The document promoted the methodology of the project with special focus on the methodology of citizens’ panels. Recommendations to the EU decision makers were developed in five main fields: intercultural dialogue, administrative procedures, labour market, political participation and housing.

Website: http://www.alda-europe.eu/newSite/project_dett.php?ID=30
Coordinator: Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA (France)
Contact: Ms Biljana Zasova
Email: biljana.zasova@aldaintranet.org

Funding programme: Europe for Citizens