CIAC – Creativity and Innovation for active citizenship

Training course Creativity and Innovation for active Citizenship gathered 26 participants from different youth organization from EU and SEE countries and was implemented by Beyond Barriers association in 12-19 November 2009 in Durres, Albania.

In the project participated 13 youth organization and each of them was responsible for sending 2 participants. logo
The projects was designed to explore the concept of citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. The training fulfilled needs for gaining knowledge in citizenship theme and gain practical tools how to be active citizens and promote active citizenship in local, national and European level through use of multimedia.

The training was constructed as a triangle. In one of corners was our understanding about citizenship (we  shared information what participants understand with this concept, how it has evolved during the centuries, different types of citizenship like local, national, global citizenship and European citizenship).

In the second corner of triangle we talked about youth work and role of young generation for being active citizens and promoting European citizenship as a concept that is based on voluntarily chosen European identity open for all citizens that are willing to build a new Europe.

The last corner of triangle – Multimedia – To participants were provided concrete and practical tools for participants how to include and promote in their projects concepts of citizenship and European citizenship using multimedia in youth work.

As practical skills participants worked with multimedia tools such were: editing and sound, camera usage and adobe premier. In the end of the training the participants created a short movie with moments of the training course and the 2 jingles with message of participants about European citizenship.

Coordinator: Beyond Barriers Association (Albania)
Contact: Ms Ana Dervishi
Email: or

Funding programme: Youth in Action